Nothing says “Welcome!” better than hearing loop signage for visitors with hearing loss!

For ticket windows, concession counters and information desks, simple solutions are “plug-n-play” or easily installed. For one-to-one conversations with privacy, clarity and improved comprehension, choose one or more of the following systems:

Portable Hearing Loop (ILP) Kit with Travel Case
Counter & Desk-top Loop System
Under-Counter Loop System
Looped Rubber Floor Mat
Looped Seat Cushion

The Overhead Loop and Ceiling Tile systems are designed for a variety of display spaces.

For large presentation areas and meeting rooms, a full room loop delivers crystal clear sound to every seat in the house.


Positive Outcomes
The consumer-preferred assistive technology increases visitor experience and engagement and improves “word-of-mouth” publicity.
ADA Compliance as well as IEC60118-4 Code Compliance.
Competitive Advantage
Attracting visitors and supporters who depend on assistive listening solutions is inclusive and very well appreciated. 
Lower Risks
Lower the risk of lawsuit for non-compliance and improve employee satisfaction and work performance.

Locations for Loop Systems

A Loop System can be installed at any point of interaction between staff and customers. 

  • Ticket Sales Counter
  • Information Desk
  • Exhibit Display Areas
  • Theaters

RESOURCES: Visit for articles, rules, study results, etc. related to hearing loss, consumer preferences and outcomes affecting your industry.  

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Induction loop amplifiers and overhead loops installed in NYC at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum allow visitors with hearing loss to enjoy the audio experience linked to the Museum’s visual displays. Since that project, other museums have also been “looped” with a variety of solutions — overhead discs, under counter, counter-top and phased arrays for theaters.