For visitors with hearing loss the sight of hearing loop signage makes them feel safe, welcome and relieved that they will be able to have informative conversations with staff and be able to understand presentations.

For ticket windows (with or without glass), concession counters and information desks, there are simple solutions that are “plug-n-play” or easily installed. For one-to-one conversations with privacy, clarity and improved comprehension, choose one or more of the following systems:
2-Way Talker Shield (Open duplex communication + hearing loop)
Portable Hearing Loop (ILP) Kit with Travel Case
Counter & Desk-top Loop System
Under-Counter Loop System
Looped Rubber Floor Mat
Looped Seat Cushion

The Overhead Loop and Ceiling Tile systems are designed for a variety of display spaces. For large presentation areas, a full room loop delivers crystal clear sound to every seat in the house.


Positive Outcomes
The consumer-preferred assistive technology increases visitor experience and engagement and improves “word-of-mouth” publicity.
ADA Compliance as well as IEC60118-4 Code Compliance.
Competitive Advantage
Attracting visitors and supporters who depend on assistive listening solutions is inclusive and very well appreciated. 
Lower Risks
Lower the risk of lawsuit for non-compliance and improve employee satisfaction and work performance.

Locations for Loop Systems

A Loop System can be installed at any point of interaction between staff and customers. 

  • Ticket Sales Counter
  • Information Desk
  • Exhibit Display Areas
  • Theaters

RESOURCES: Visit for articles, rules, study results, etc. related to hearing loss, consumer preferences and outcomes affecting your industry.  

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Induction loop amplifiers and overhead loops installed in NYC at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum allow visitors with hearing loss to enjoy the audio experience linked to the Museum’s visual displays. Since that project, other museums have also been “looped” with a variety of solutions — overhead discs, under counter, counter-top and phased arrays for theaters.