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Why is Effective Communication Vital to Good Patient Outcomes?
Being able to communicate clearly with doctors, nurses and other members of a health care team is critical. When everyone can understand each other, it is much easier to accurately diagnose, care for and treat patients in the best and safest way possible. See HLAA Guide to Effective Communication in Health Care for details and examples.

Read “Why Patients Need Hearing Loops” by Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD, to understand what limitations there are for hearing aids and cochlear implants beyond a range of 6′ in quiet spaces. Telecoils and hearing loops increase the odds of being able to understand speech over distance and with noise.

Hospital Re-admission Rates 32% Higher Due to Impact of Hearing Loss on Communication. JAGS Abstract: Hearing Loss and Patient Activation (April 2019)

Civic Spaces

When it comes to civic spaces used by the general public, being able to fulfill your civic responsibility by serving as a juror is probably the best example of where the ADA’s “effective communication” rule is most compelling. Examples of courtrooms where audio induction loop systems have been installed:
Supreme Court of the United States (2014) PDF
Supreme Court of the United States (website)
US District Court, Central District of Illinois


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