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The newest solution from Audio Directions addresses the need in public spaces for safe, face-to-face conversations with clarity and comprehension. Without leaning around a “sneeze shield” or pulling a face mask down, it is now possible for staff and customers to hear each other.  This solution is a must have in pharmacies, healthcare, retail, offices, banks, schools and municipal buildings – virtually any shared public space.  

The 2-Way Talker Shield features an “always-on” intercom system that optimizes speech frequencies and delivers clear sound regardless of face masks, distancing, barriers and background noise.  Independent controls for the two microphones and two speakers allow for clear, confidential conversations.

Included with each shield system is the hardware and electronics needed for a new or retrofit installation, and tech support that is tailored to the needs of consultants, contractors, facilities/operations managers and compliance officers who are responsible for staff and customer safety.

A pharmacist at a public-facing retail counter recently shared, “We do talk around the plastic shield because it makes it easier to hear — but it certainly defeats the purpose of a barrier. I would feel safer if there were a speaker system in place.”

Inclusivity and ADA Compliance

As a bonus, this shield solution addresses a pandemic-related and critical complication for the hearing impaired.  A hearing loop driver, built into the intercom, broadcasts sound directly to the telecoil (T-Coil) in all brands of hearing aids and cochlear implants on the customer/patient side of the shield.  Signage for the hearing loop indicates ADA compliance and doubles as a “welcome” sign for the hearing impaired customer or patient.  (Why Hearing Loops?)

Complete, custom installation of the 2-Way Talker Shield by Audio Directions’ nation-wide network of assistive technology installers is available. System kits may also be purchased for in-house installation.

Call 1-833-234-4411 for sales and technical questions.

Resource: How Do I Communicate with Doctors, Nurses, and Staff at the Hospital During COVID-19? (Published by HLAA)