Audio Directions, an innovative technology firm with design, engineering and manufacturing in NJ and SC, specializes in advanced audio induction “LOOP”​ solutions for the hard-of-hearing in noisy public spaces — from subway platforms to hospitals, museums, theaters, senior living communities, meeting rooms, libraries and retail spaces across the U.S.

A carefully vetted and highly experienced network of designers and installers of loop systems across the US maintain a critical focus on training, implementation and compliance with the international code for effective hearing loop coverage (IEC 60118-4). All solutions by Audio Directions address ADA requirements, acoustical properties of each environment and the communication style and needs of constituents.

What is a Hearing Loop?
Hearing Loop technology is the consumer-preferred type of assistive listening system. When designed and installed to meet IEC-60188-4 compliance, a loop system will deliver an audio signal, wirelessly, to all brands of hearing aids, cochlear implants and “Loop Listeners.”  The clarity of sound improves comprehension greatly, for every seat in the house!  

Beyond ADA compliance, “LOOP”​ technology provides a seamless, inclusive accommodation for those with hearing loss – for large group settings and face-to-face conversations where privacy is warranted.

As advocates for assistive listening technology, the outreach team at Audio Directions brings awareness and education to industries that serve 48 million Americans with a hearing impairment.