Counter-Top Hearing Loop System1:1Plug-n-Play
Looped Rubber Floor Mat System1:1Not Required
Under-Counter Loop System1:1Required
Looped Seat Cushion System1:1Not Required
Loop Listener (T-Coil Receiver)Accessoryn/a

Counter-Top Loop (Portable, All-in-One Unit)

ILP1 Portable LOOP – PDF  | ILP Portable Loop KIT – PDF
The ILP1 is a compact, all-in-one audio induction loop system for 1:1 conversations with people who depend upon telecoil-equipped hearing instruments or T-coil receivers. The simple, user-adjusted angle of the audio field accommodates all heights (seated or standing) and compensates for the variable position of the telecoil built into hearing instruments.

Attibutes & Benefits  
•  “Plug-n-Play” unit features consumer-preferred assistive hearing technology
•   International Logo for Telecoil use with Hearing Loop
•   ADA and IEC60118-4 compliant
•   12-hour re-chargeable battery (built-in)
•   Adjustable loop angle is a unique for portable loops 
•  Rugged, commercial grade construction with steel bracket for permanent installation (if needed)

Dimensions:  10” H x  7.5” W  x  1.5” D 
Material:       Commercial Grade Plastic with Steel Mounting Plate
Battery:        Rechargeable NiMH battery
Power:         110V AC wall adaptor

Looped Rubber Floor Mat

Looped Rubber Floor Mat – PDF Download
The Induction Loop Floor Mat (patent pending) creates a personal-sized induction loop field for all brands of telecoil-equipped hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone conduction devices and T-coil receivers. The mat works in conjunction with a loop amplifier that broadcasts an audio signal from a microphone and/or alternative sound source. The commercial-grade, durable mat can withstand high traffic and features the internationally recognized symbol for an induction loop system. The audio field sworks for someone who is seated or standing.
Note: Some Loop amplifiers have TWO outputs for audio.

Attributes & Benefits  
•   Looped Floor Mat’s patent pending design drives audio field up to 7’
•   International Logo for Hearing Loop System
•   Exceptional audio clarity for improved comprehension
•  Ideal for permanent or temporary use

    Under-Counter Loop System

    Under-Counter Hearing Loop System is discrete and effective.

    Under-Counter Loop System – PDF Download
    The ILU1 Under-the-Counter loop is mounted under desks and counters in situations where surface area is limited. The large 17” x 9” loop creates a generous field that can reach users seated or standing near the desk or counter. This system includes the Hearing Loop Amplifier, mounting hardware, accessories and a microphone (selection based upon acoustical
    properties of the environment). 

    Attributes & Benefits  
    •  Under-the-Counter Hearing Loop drives audio signal field to seated or standing individuals
    •  Installed loop system is the consumer-preferred assistive hearing technology
    •  International Logo for Hearing Loop System
    •  ADA and IEC60118-4 compliant
    •  Exceptional audio clarity for improved comprehension
    •  Ideal for permanent or temporary use

    Dimensions:  17” x 9” is standard. Other sizes are available.
    Material:  Loop Wire; Required Cables/Connectors
    Amplifier:  IEC 60118-4 Compliant Loop Amplifier 

    Looped Seat Cushion System

    Looped Seat Cushion – PDF Download
    The looped seat cushion system creates a vertical, personal audio field for all brands of hearing aids, cochlear implants and telecoil receivers. The cushion works with an IEC 60188-4 compliant induction loop driver that broadcasts a clear, filtered sound from a microphone or alternate audio sources. The driver will send clear sound to two looped seat cushions at the same time. This system’s audio field size is large enough to accommodate people of any height while seated. This System is the ideal tool for use when fitting hearing aids and testing activation programs for telecoil use. The commercial-grade vinyl cushion can be cleaned to hospital grade specs. 

    Attributes & Benefits  
    •  Quick, easy installation with simple tools 
    •  Seamless solution for ADA compliance
    •  System can drive audio signal to two looped seat cushions
    •  Hearing Loop Driver features Dual Action AGC for smooth, exceptional clarity of sound
    •  Driver features volume thumb wheel, bass and treble controls and 3 inputs: dedicated, sensitive mic input,  mic/line input and a line input
    •  Blue LEDs indicate power connection on, signal source level and loop current.
    •  Driver case is made of rugged metal with effective cooling for long-lasting use.
    •   Exceptional audio clarity for improved comprehension
    •  Ideal for permanent or portable use in commercial or residential settings

    Dimensions:  13” X 15” x 2” (cushion) 
    Amplifier: IEC 60188-4 compliant Loop Driver
    Power: 110V AC
    Microphone: T.B.D. by acoustic environment in each space
    Warranty: 3 Years