Of all the assistive listening technology options available for large public spaces, only one is virtually maintenance-free and offers patrons the freedom to sit anywhere in a theatre or music hall — without the need for extra gear or instructions. For staff, this means no need to store, sanitize, maintain, distribute and collect the type of gear required for other assistive technology systems.

Every seat in the house is a good one!
Beyond ADA compliance, a properly designed and installed hearing loop system, in any size theatre, delivers seamless inclusivity for those who depend upon hearing aids and cochlear implants equipped with a telecoil (about 80% of hearing aids and 100% of implants). ALL brands of personal hearing devices are compatible with audio induction loop systems!


Positive Outcomes
The consumer-preferred assistive technology increases patron experience by delivering a seamless boost of audio clarity and comprehension.
ADA Compliance as well as IEC60118-4 Code Compliance.
Competitive Advantage
“Most live theater venues have no clue how many people would return to live theater if they were able to enjoy it once again.”  – anonymous patron
Lower Risk of Litigation
Lower the risk of lawsuits for ADA non-compliance.

Locations for Loop Systems in a Theatre

  • All Seating Areas
  • Concessions & Ticket Booth

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“There I was at ‘Wicked’ weeping uncontrollably — and I don’t even like musicals,” he said. “For the first time since I lost most of my hearing, live music was perfectly clear, perfectly clean and incredibly rich.” Read full article >

Live Theaters with an audio induction loop system installed.