Design & Manufacturing

Hearing Loop technology is the consumer-preferred  “gold standard” for  wireless delivery of crisp, clear audio to all brands of telecoil-equipped hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone-conduction devices and “T-Coil Receivers”  (a.k.a. “Loop Listeners”) with headphones or earbuds.

Audio Directions manufactures products that deliver in small areas of conversation or audio playback.

  • The portable, counter-top hearing loop: perfect for private, one-to-one conversations
  • The looped seat cushion: perfect for creating a personal “loop field”
  • The looped rubber floor mat: perfect for creating a “loop field” for those seated or standing
  • The overhead loop: perfect for creating a “loop field” from above, for small groups at kiosks

Large room loop installations are designed, engineered and installed according to the most stringent standards and meet or exceed the IEC 60118-4 induction loop standard. The loops are guaranteed to be 100% ADA compliant and 100% ICC ANSI code compliant. These standards exist to give loop installations a base performance level to which a hearing loop must adhere before being certified.

The Large Area Loop Calculator in use by AD designers and installers provides accurate configurations for a hearing loop layout, including the type, size and number of hearing loop amplifiers required in any setting – indoors or outdoors. Hearing loop layouts are individually designed and scaled to overcome any metal loss in the space to be looped.