Large Room Hearing Loops

One-to-Many Delivery of Crystal Clear Audio
Hearing loop systems designed for spaces where groups of people gather, for meetings, presentations or entertainment, require these basics: audio source(s), loop driver(s) and a well designed copper coil loop. The size and acoustic properties of the gathering space will dictate the type/size of the loop driver(s) and the design layout for the actual loop — perimeter or phased array.

The goal for all spaces: anyone using any brand of telecoil-equipped hearing aid, cochlear implant, bone conduction device or loop receiver shall have seamless hearing access once they enter the looped space. The international signage for Loop/Telecoil accessibility is truly a “WELCOME!” sign for the hearing impaired.

Critical Ingredients for Looping Success:

  • Loop Design and Engineering that is IEC60118-4 Code Compliant
  • Staff Training – ongoing, customized strategies for effective communications with hearing impaired individuals
  • Documentation for system use and publicity to promote awareness of the technology
  • Support! Troubleshooting is rarely needed but if a new PA/sound system has been purchased or building renovations are being planned (after a loop has been installed) let us know!