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Do you have clients who depend on your firm to understand what technology will deliver ADA compliance for the public-facing spaces?

Whether it’s new construction or renovation, prior to installing carpet or other floor coverings is the best time to consider technology that is seamless, discreet and effective with ALL BRANDS of hearing aids and cochlear implants.

The 50+ year Solution: Copper coil laid in scored concrete connected to a loop amplifier will drive any audio signal (PA, Microphone, etc.) directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants — for the highest quality audio experience and eliminating the need for FM or IR equipment that must be maintained, sanitized and made available as loaner equipment.   

Some background: Like ramps for wheelchairs — stealthy, wireless technology can always be available when needed – no advance notice required – to enhance the effectiveness of hearing aids and cochlear implants that the public depends on — while navigating Title II and III spaces. (  

Hearing loop systems are used worldwide and all of our installers comply fully with the international standard IEC 60118‐4 — as developed under the auspices of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) — and that was updated significantly in 2007. Loops are more prevalent in Europe but are gaining popularity here in the US at a quick pace, since 2010. 

A growing number of cities and states have passed legislation that requires all renovations and new construction be looped to IEC standards for ADA compliance, rather than rely on FM or Infrared options that require additional gear for public use. 

Hearing Loop amplifiers are built for large public spaces (theaters plus!!) as well as counter-tops for 1:1 conversations.  

Training: Awareness and Practical Tips All of our installations include a bare minimum of three 1-hour training sessions for staff on how to communicate effectively with the hearing impaired. Most organizations find a quarterly update for new staff is a good practice to follow.

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