Made-in-the-USA induction loop solutions provide federal, state and municipal entities the ability to deliver clear, confidential and understandable communications between staff, residents, vendors and customers who have hearing loss. The consumer-preferred assistive technology is inclusive and addresses the need for ADA compliance for effective communications.

For people with hearing loss, a hearing loop sign makes them feel safe, welcome and relieved that their hearing device will get the boost it needs from the hearing loop signal. This is true in buildings, parks, transportation hubs and on trains, subways and buses.

For one-to-one conversations with privacy, clarity and improved comprehension, choose one or more of the following systems:
2-Way Talker Shield (Open duplex communication + hearing loop)
Desk & Countertop Loop System
Under-Counter Loop System
Looped Rubber Floor Mat 
Looped Seat Cushion


Positive Outcomes
The consumer-preferred assistive technology increases customer experience, satisfaction and engagement within the community.
ADA Compliance and IEC60118-4 Code Compliance.
Competitive Advantage
Attracting and maintaining good working relationships with people who depend on assistive listening solutions is inclusive and well appreciated. 
Lower Risks
Lower the risk of lawsuit for non-compliance and improve employee satisfaction and work performance.

Locations for Loop Systems

A Loop System can be installed at any point of interaction between staff, officials, residents, vendors, etc. 

  • Personal Office Spaces & Workstations
  • Conference Rooms, Auditoriums & Council Chambers
  • Classrooms, Training Sites and Public Libraries
  • HR Office, Customer Service & Recreation
  • Police Stations & Court Rooms

Reference Note: Being able to fulfill a civic responsibility by serving as a juror is probably the best example of where the ADA’s “effective communication” rule is most compelling. Examples of courtrooms where audio induction loop systems have been installed:
Supreme Court of the United States (2014) PDF
Supreme Court of the United States (website)
US District Court, Central District of Illinois

RESOURCES: Visit for articles, rules, study results, etc. related to hearing loss, consumer preferences and outcomes affecting your industry.  
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