Senior Living

Approximately one third of all adults aged 65 or older have hearing loss (NIH). Untreated hearing loss typically leads to isolation, depression, confusion and mistakes due to decreased comprehension during conversations, especially in large noisy spaces. It is also associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline, dementia, loss of balance and other health issues.
(NOTE: The prevalence of opaque mask-wearing in 2020 has magnified hearing impairment risks because the lip-reading option for “filling in the blanks” is much less available.)

Seniors who seek medical attention for hearing loss may be prescribed hearing aids or cochlear implants. Unlike eyeglasses that can restore 20/20 vision, hearing aids are not a completely perfect solution. They work very well with no background noise and perform best within a 36″ radius. In large spaces, hearing aids and implants amplify all sounds and this causes enough distortion to make language comprehension even more difficult.

Fortunately, audio induction hearing loop systems work with all brands of hearing aids and cochlear implants by wirelessly sharing sound directly with the telecoil receiver built into hearing aids and implants. Loop systems are designed to be used with a sound source such as a microphone (for 1:1 conversations) or a PA system (for one-to-many sharing) and they are the consumer-preferred type of assistive hearing technology. Loop systems are widely used in European countries and Australia — in pharmacies, theaters, schools, medical centers, nursing homes, libraries, etc.

For Residents, Family Members and Staff of Senior Living Communities
From the front desk to the dining room and group meeting spaces and theaters — a well designed hearing loop system offers seamless accessibility and clarity. The result: less effort and stress needed to navigate and enjoy life fully!


Improved Morale
The ability to communicate and socialize with staff and fellow residents, using consumer-preferred assistive technology, after isolation in the pandemic is of particular importance for everyone’s quality of life.
Positive Outcomes
Increases resident experience and engagement and improves outcomes for mental, emotional and physical health.
Competitive Advantage
Being a leader in providing solutions for accessibility demonstrates a commitment to the well being of everyone in the community.
Lower Risks
Lower the risk of lawsuit for non-compliance

Locations for Loop Systems

A Loop System can be installed at any point of interaction between staff and residents, daily participants and family members. For information on both categories, one-to-one and one-to-many loop systems, visit the PRODUCTS PAGE for specific features and options that will work seamlessly in these spaces:

RESOURCES: Visit for articles, rules, study results, etc. related to hearing loss, consumer preferences and outcomes affecting your industry.  
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