“Front-line” staff will be the first in your organization to recognize and address the needs of visitors/patients/customers who have hearing loss and/or any other form of communication disorder that may impact the quality of communication between staff and the “visitor.”

Every project managed by Audio Directions includes the strategies and tools your staff requires to communicate effectively.

Routine staff training is critical to achieving success with any and all assistive technologies. This is especially true with an assistive hearing loop system because it helps resolve an “invisible” challenge for those with hearing loss. To maintain ongoing end-user satisfaction and ADA compliance,  Audio Directions works closely with designated personnel to deliver a training program that meets the specific needs of each client. 

Virtual, 60-minute training + 30-minute Q & A sessions cover:

  • The Problem We are Solving
  • Tips on Effective Communication
  • Challenges for Those With Hearing Loss
  • How to Engage Those With Hearing Loss
  • Physics of the Induction Loop
  • Solution Awareness


  • Improve staff knowledge and expertise on assistive hearing solutions
  • Optimize identification of those with hearing loss
  • Understand and optimize communication with the hard-of-hearing
  • Assist in achieving goals and objectives related to the company’s culture of accessibility,  inclusion and diversity


  • Customized training with Q & A opportunity to optimize success
  • Benchmarks for personal and professional development as they relate to WRC inclusion and effective communication goals and objectives
  • Optimal utilization of assistive hearing technology
  • Systems for effective communications between residents, vendors, staff and visitors with hearing loss

Installation Standards

The installation of hearing loop systems by Audio Directions shall be based on the fundamentals and requirements of the IEC standard 60118-4. All hearing loops, when installed to this standard, provide an even, effective signal to all users within the looped area. The hearing loop as installed is guaranteed 100% compliant with relevant specifications in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010);  ANSI Safety Standards and ANSI Electrical Codes and Standard; and the IEC standard 60118-4.  Audio Directions carries all relevant insurance. References are available upon request.

Training Resources (Subscribers Only-BETA)

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