Large Installations

Large audio induction loop installations typically feature a mix of solutions across a “campus” and incorporate the two types available, see below. Once installed, the loops connect wirelessly with all brands of hearing aids and cochlear implants in the U.S. and around the world.

One-to-Many Presentations
Small, medium, large and jumbo presentation spaces — where the audio signal is driven from “one to many” — require a perimeter or phased array loop design and installation to seamlessly cover every square foot.

“One-to-One” Conversations
Relatively small spaces where “one-to-one” conversations need to occur are typically fitted with a desk or countertop loop, a looped floor mat, an under-the-counter hearing loop or a through-the-glass loop system. On some campuses, a combination of all these options will be utilized.

Critical Ingredients for Success:

  • Design and Engineering that is IEC60118-4 Code Compliant
  • Training of all staff – ongoing, customized as needed
  • Documentation for system use, and for publicity to promote education and awareness of the technology
  • Support! Troubleshooting is rarely needed but if a new PA system has been purchased or building renovations are being planned, after a loop has been installed, let us know!
With an installed audio induction loop system, there is no “special loaner gear” needed by those who already wear custom hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.

Audio Directions works with a network of licensed and experienced Loop designers/installers that provide free, no-obligation, proposals that meet IEC60118-4 standards, based on a site analysis that takes into account physical measurements, acoustical properties, EMI (electro-magnetic interference) for any space of public accommodation.  In some instances and locations, partial grant funding for looping projects is available.

Call 1-833-234-4411 and speak to your sales or engineering contact.