Audio Directions’ fully vetted and highly experienced network of designers, installers and educators across the US maintain a critical and necessary focus on
    • acoustical properties of interior environments and inherent sound systems, if any;
    • communication style(s) and needs of all constituents;
    • staff training for ongoing use of advanced solutions that improve communications for all;
    • compliance with ADA requirements and all local building codes;
    • compliance with the international code for effective hearing loop coverage (IEC 60118-4)
Solutions by Audio Directions are designed to “Remove the Ask” for those with hearing loss by delivering communications accessibility and inclusivity in all types of environments — from subway platforms to theaters, hospitals, corporate offices, museums, airports, senior living communities, houses of worship, libraries, conference centers and retail spaces across the U.S. For large meeting and presentation spaces the first step is to fill out a “Site Survey” form for each space that may require a hearing loop. For general questions, or to request a free consultation, call 1-833-234-4411 or submit the Contact AD Form