House of Worship

For people with hearing loss, the T-Coil/Hearing Loop sign posted at an entrance makes them feel safe and welcome. Knowing that their hearing aids, or implants, will get the boost they need from the hearing loop system means that clear, filtered sound will reach their ears. In addition to custom-designed and installed “large room” loops for houses of worship, smaller systems are recommended for one-to-one conversations. With a Looped Rubber Floor Mat or Countertop Loop system there is privacy, clarity and improved comprehension.


Positive Outcomes
This consumer-preferred assistive technology increases a person’s whole life experience and engagement within the community.
ANSI and IEC60118-4 Code Compliance.
Marketing Advantage
Attracting and maintaining relationships with community members who depend on assistive listening solutions is inclusive and well appreciated. 

Locations for Loop Systems

  • Sanctuary, Altar, Chapel
  • Social Hall, Parish Center
  • Administrative Office
  • Classrooms

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Audio Demo of a Hearing Loop by Dr. Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD (