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2016 Report on Prevalence of Disability in US (CDC)

Do You Think You Have Hearing-Loss? (HLAA)

Effective Communications per ADA Guidelines (ADA)

Get in the Hearing Loop Campaign (HLAA)

Hearing Loss Facts & Statistics (HLAA)

Hearing Assistive Technology and Telecoils (HLAA)

Hearing Loss Conversation Kit (HLAA)

How to Communicate with Those With Hearing Loss (HLAA)

Purchasing a Hearing Aid Checklist (HLAA)

Twitter, Blogs, Websites re: Hearing Loss 

Living With Hearing Loss by Shari Eberts

Walk 4 Hearing Website

It’s A Noisy Planet (NIDCD of NIH website)

@BarbaraKelley (Executive Director of HLAA)


@HearingLossNYC (HLAA Chapter)



@MiamiChapter (HLAA)

MAYO Clinic Connect: Hearing Loss (Chat by Topic)

@Better_Hearing (Better Hearing Institute)

The Hearing Journal

Assess Your Hearing Online

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

American Tinnitus Association

Audiology Awareness Campaign

BEGINNINGS for Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Florida Association of the Deaf

Hands and Voices


The Hyperacusis Network

League for the Hard of Hearing

Medical Hear It

Medline Plus (BOTH)

RNID (British Audiology Association) Newsletter

Vestibular Disorder Association (BOTH)

Voice for Hearing Impaired Children

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