Benefits of a Telecoil

Why is an audio induction loop system the consumer-preferred choice for assistive listening?

Dr. Cliff Olson, AuD, explains the benefits of hearing aids that include a telecoil, also known as a T-Coil!

Educational Tips on Telecoils

Patients who need more clarity on how to activate the telecoil in their hearing aids should consult with their audiologist or hearing aid specialist.

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) publications and tools can help those who need more general information. Examples include the “Ask About Your Telecoil” and the “HEAR HERE” postcards seen below.

This postcard explains what people should do to take advantage an installed hearing loop system in a public space. For access to the full tool kit published by HLAA, click here and for the “Are You Hearing Everything You Could” literature for more on assistive hearing technology.