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Sally Wood
Account Executive, Audio Directions

An innovative technology firm with design, engineering and manufacturing in Trenton, NJ, Audio Directions specializes in advanced audio induction “LOOP” solutions for the hard-of-hearing in noisy public spaces — from emergency call systems on NYC subway platforms to hospitals, museums, theaters, meeting rooms and retail spaces across the U.S.

Sally is a strong advocate for assistive listening technology, bringing awareness and clarity to many industries that serve the 48 million Americans living with hearing loss. Based upon feedback from local HLAA chapter members in NJ, her primary focus thus far has been on effective communications in healthcare settings of all types as well as retail, libraries, museums and office spaces.

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Delivering a crystal clear audio signal directly to telecoil receivers that are built into hearing aids and cochlear implants is the gold standard for assistive listening technology.  Beyond ADA compliance, “LOOP” technology provides a seamless, inclusive accommodation for those with hearing loss whether it be a large group setting or a face-to-face conversation where privacy is a concern.

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