Home Theater Loop Kit

For home theaters: A hearing loop system sends crystal clear audio directly from an audio source (TV or sound system) to hearing aids, implants and Telecoil receivers. An excellent audio experience for everyone!

Depending upon the size and location of your space, one simple loop amplifier can drive an audio signal to 100′ of loop wire around the perimeter of a home theater, or simply be placed under an area rug below the seating. For wall-to-wall carpeting, the loop wire may be tucked under floor molding or be laid underneath new carpeting at the time of replacement.

The only people who know that your home theater has been “looped” are the installer, and the ones who will use it, simply by activating the “T’ mode on their personal hearing device. NOTE: For “DIY” installers, the home theater loop kit comes with instructions as well as live, real-time video guidance from an engineer or installer from Audio Directions.

For questions and answers, call 1-833-234-4411 or write to sales@ad4h.com.

Loop Wire can be laid beneath an area rug to deliver TV audio directly to the telecoil in hearing aids and cochlear implants.