Toolkit for Hearing Loop Advocates!

The average person who is not familiar with hearing loss and treatment options has no idea what a telecoil or T-Coil is. They have no idea what a hearing loop is. It’s important to educate them, especially if they own, operate or manage a public space where a hearing loop should be available.

A brand new tool kit was introduced in June at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) 2019 Convention in Rochester that provides all the facts needed – via posters, brochures, postcards, a sample letter and even a digital presentation. Visit here for downloads: 

Once someone understands how a T-Coil (built into hearing aids, implants and listeners) serves as a receiver for filtered, clear audio signals generated by a wireless audio induction (hearing) loop system, they typically will do whatever it takes to help their space become inclusive and ADA compliant.

Once your job as an advocate it done, please be sure to spread the good news and help folks take advantage of the T-Coil in their hearing device. The “HEAR HERE” card is perfect for this job!